Summer Shorts 21 – Career & Your 100-Year Life?

Lynda Gratton has done it again! Her latest book “The 100-Year Life” is a well-constructed narrative that in a major way re-frames the concept of career within the context of an age of longevity. So much of what she and co-author Andrew Scott have pulled together here, serves to underline my own developed thinking as a professional in the career services world.

100-year lifeSince the mid 90’s, I have followed the ongoing progress of the world of work and I have evolved my own forward thinking which led in particular to a conversation on the concept of “career longevity”, the tag line of my first website in 2001. If you are a professional engaged in advising people on their career development, stop right now and read – The 100-Year Life. For that matter, this book is a natural follow up to Lynda’s book “The Shift” (2011).

There is so much that speaks to all generations right now in this book, (which I devoured in just a few days of its release in Canada), that I intend to comment on more elements of the book in future blog posts after this summer shorts series.

So as a short jolt to career professionals let me suggest that you rethink – that from this day forward you can no longer play safe with the career philosophies you project on to your clients. Not that the way Gratton & Scott present this 100-year construct is radically new to me, but it is an appropriate and timely reboot of career, if you accept as I do that in its pure sense, career is your life’s journey. Even more so, a longer journey – if you accept that it could be you with your 100-year life.

And wait until you hear about another vital companion read I inhaled simultaneous to this opus!

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