Summer Shorts 13 – 120 Seconds to Impress Grandmothers.

Age friendly marketing had a big win in Montreal two weeks ago at the International Startup Festival when two Grandmothers judged business concepts from up and coming entrepreneurs.

Presenters only had 120 seconds to impress these grandmothers and if you listen to their interview with CBC Day Break, there is no mistake that fluff wasn’t going to work here. My favourite quote from one was that she was looking for products “that do the most good for most people”.

Recruited for this venture based on the practical perspectives they offered, Evelyn Matlin and Sonia Hazan, both still working, evaluated with astute business sense prior to reviews from angel investors, looking for passion and clarity in the product pitches. So, praise to the festival producers for providing one more proof that entrepreneurship is an ageless endeavour!

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