Working Longer: A Great Audition

Just in case you missed it, (by 2013 mobile media standards it’s old news), in the Toronto Star Dec.31, 2012 Change Rangers was featured in the article “How To: Working into the Retirement Years written by Ellen Ashton-Haiste. And it looks like other on line news feeds picked up the story and as they say, it’s all good press!

What I want to thank Ellen Ashton-Haiste for, is actually getting my quotes right – particularly the part about shifting later life career thinking to “looking for work” not necessarily “jobs”.

When I reflect on the later life career journey of many a client I’ve had the pleasure of working with, the reference frame that shapes me first is that it’s like we’re all part of “a great audition”. Just because you may have had a shining corporate role for example, doesn’t mean that you’ll want or even need the next gig to be the same old thing in the same old way.

What I suggest to clients is to spend less time reading scripts from old movie jobs and spend more time re-framing new opportunities with one of the first questions being: “what do I want my life to look like?” And these days it is also more to think entrepreneurial. It is to look for work that needs doing.

The script and set design in the “Global Job Market” is transforming. Working longer. It’s a great audition. What role in the world stage play do you want to serve up?

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