The Business of Working Longer: A Portfolio of Pleasures?

The Business of Aging Information Exchange Network BA:IEN is an extension of the Sheridan College Elder Research Centre, connecting business and industry leaders to foster an exchange of ideas, information and resources related to the needs and wants of mature consumers and there families.

As a BA:IEN member I am pleased and honoured to be, as I prefer to say, the guest “conversation ring leader” for this quarterly breakfast meeting on July 31st from 8:00 to 9:30 AM. Let me spill out a little more on what the marketing flyer suggests as to the focus of the topic.

For the Boomer generation, our relationship to work is transforming as we age – a combination of need and desire to work longer; to stay engaged and/or to supplement income streams in what is now for many, paving a way for  extended lifetimes beyond previous expectations.

We say we want to do it differently. Yet typically that will need to be with a more entrepreneurial approach, breaking free of traditional conventions. It’s about creating a portfolio of work options in synergy with other parts of our life. So you ask! Where do I begin to make this portfolio work? What will it look like as I get older? How long will it last?

Opportunities and benefits for businesses also exist, where hiring needs don’t always require a full time commitment; but interim, short term or project based work can be optimized by hiring “portfolio workers” creating reciprocal value, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

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