A Population Growing Younger? – Part 1

Envision the promise of longevity is the invitation tag line I created when the focus and scope shifted for Change Rangers in 2010 – partly a way to help reframe language and perspective around the potential of an increased life expectancy. For example, retirement planning becomes “longevity planning”. As I often say, if only financial planners used that replacement phrase in their marketing pitch, they might actually attract more clients.

So along comes a C.D. Howe e-brief on July 24th“the Main Challenge of Our Times: A Population Growing Younger. Catchy indeed, speaking of reframing perspective – exactly my point – right off the top they say, “normally viewed (as)… the number of years since birth…we propose an alternative, measuring age according to the number of years remaining in life.”

This e-brief provokes conversation from a number of angles  However it takes a distinct direction into a discussion around working longer, examining retirement patterns and participation rates of “older workers” 60 -65; and from there how do we make changes to social policy to make working longer a more viable and value based proposition.

If you re-read the deliberately short piece a few times, the more you might see as I do, that the language or words of reference beg some reframing or at very least playful re-examination. From one paragraph to another, the “word jumbles” shift the brain. 

Let’s end this for now as the e-brief leads one sentence with “the forthcoming generation of elderly…” Here we go!

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