Working Models for Working Longer – 1

Canadians will work longer to maintain current lifestyles. Canada will struggle to replace its aging workforce. Aging workforce increases workplace health risks to organizations. That’s just a small sample of headlines lately, and for that matter from my “Longevity Newsreel” for the past several years. Let’s just go with the working longer piece.

What does working longer really look like? Why is it for example, that whenever there’s coverage of a financial services company release of a poll outlining “retirement intentions” of people 50-59; it’s usually accompanied by a photo of a couple with somewhat affluent smiles on their faces? We all want to preserve our lifestyle until we’re – how old? If your current lifestyle is pretty much on the thin edge of dire straights this is a promise somewhat less photogenic.

Working longer will be necessary for those who need to sustain their life well past their current path, even if there is no “style” to it. But “later life” working models for people of any income level often don’t get thought out in advance. That begs the bigger question – what does work look like?

Loved the opening line from the Sept.21st Canadian Business article: “Most Canadian Boomers…would work longer to live better throughout their post work years…” What? If you work longer, then there are no post work years until you choose to stop working – strictly for pay? Or maybe is it not more than that; and in that sense when will you not work?

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