Summer Shorts 2: Zenployment

Have you found your later life moment of zen? Enter Zenployment. One more spin phrase on career thinking; sexy, but not big news really. Finding work that fulfills you is what more aging Boomers claim to be seeking as they say “I need or desire to work longer- only differently”.

So the zen. The purest sense of the word is about achieving a meditative state, reaching a personal enlightenment. What kind of work does that look like for you? A good piece by Tony Wanless in the Financial Post a few weeks ago – “Boomers Turn to Entrepreneurship in Retirement”, highlighted the fastest growing option for reaching your “work zen”  in later life.

I mused over the last line about finding zenployment after your “regular career”. Got me thinking, how sad it must be that someone might not have found “regular zen” over 40 previous years of their working life.

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