What Women of Working Age!

Yes an exclamation, not a question. It’s no surprise to me that there’s a growth in employment for women 55 plus.  In the business of career and entrepreneurial advisory, I’ve been observing this trend for some time.

The Globe & Mail article from Dec.11, 2011 “Older women lead the pack in job gains” confirms all this. I meet mostly professional women clients, still of working age, and I usually see two characteristics – an open mind to reinvention and a drive to contribute for an extended period of their life, while they tend to serve multiple roles in relationships outside of work.  

Not surprisingly the operative phrase I hear from the 55 plus (women and men) is “I want or need to work longer, but I want to do it differently!”. And quite often, “differently” looks like some form of self employment, from short term independent contract work to setting up a web based business.  

Yet it’s not always true that these “older women of working age” have a positive feeling about themselves. For every one I meet that exudes a self awareness, there seems to be double the number that harbour self doubt, saying – “my age will work against me.” Back to the confidence game again. 

Well, the parade of older women of working age will grow even more over the next decade, and there will be a loads of work that needs doing for women in redefined roles in the personal and professional services areas of the economy.

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