Start a Business:At Any Age?

Continuing from last week’s blog posting, we’re celebrating Small Business Week in Canada right now and further to the question, “is there a right time to start a business?” – comes the other question, “is there a right age to start?” You know the answer to both –  “of course not.”

Picked up a new book while in the UK last month – “Start It Up: Why Running Your Own Business is Easier than You Think” by entrepreneur Luke Johnson and in his chapter “Age and the founder”, he cites the story of Canadian entrepreneur Roy Thomson, who after set backs at age 60, left Canada for Edinburgh and started a number of well known successful ventures.

Well we aren’t all necessarily on a Lord Roy Thomson journey, but it’s enough to say that with enough motivation, energy, vision and goal setting at any age; there’s no reason why it can’t be done (assuming good market identification, research and planning). Studies in Canada and the UK indicate that people 45-65 are looking at starting a new business rather than retirement.

Enlarging the outlook on what all that can be, as Johnson is quick to suggest – the business idea might be well directed to a sense of greater good and purpose than a strictly mercantile undertaking. As Luke Johnson says in his book, “Interesting work brings a feeling of purpose at any age.” Yes! Interesting work formed as a small business, on whatever scale you want to manage – at any age!

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