Small Business Week 2011-Canada

Across Canada Oct.16 – 22, a host of events is scheduled to celebrate and inform Small to Medium Business people and to showcase entrepreneurial contributions made to the economy by thousands of Canadians.

What shouldn’t go under appreciated, are the modestly growing numbers of “micro-entrepreneurs”, those in later life (55+) who are starting home based, craft oriented or web based businesses or business services. There are also those who are creating social enterprises connecting a business model to a social need in the community.

The correlation between aging population and self employment is a trend that will most likely continue over the next decade. With retirement savings plans under pressure in combination with the quick discovery that an “early retirement” can soon push you to boredom, the quest for a renewed sense of purpose and income generation can often be more creatively achieved as a small, medium or micro business.       

For many the impetus to start a business may be there but learning how to research the opportunities and knowing how to get going often becomes the first point of hesitancy. So what better way to start the “entrepreneurial age of enlightenment” than participating in Small Business Week. Check out the calendar of events at Business Development Bank of Canada

And you could start by going out and talking to people over 55 who are already playing their variations of self employment. You won’t be surprised to find that they will be quite open to share their personal stories.

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