Planet Longevity and “The Shift” of Work.

Over the last few years, if I was paid a $ for every time someone said “there’s a book in you to be written” –  well I guess I’d have enough to buy you lunch.

Created a draft outline for a book! And as with many things in life, got called by other causes, muses, travels and a rethinking of how I could morph the focus of my work. That journey of repositioning of what Change Rangers would become took a year, And that book draft? It morphed and became this blog March 1st.

The curious and wonderful thing about writing in a blog is that it can take on a craze and direction quite like that of a pinball machine. It’s two things – how you draw connections to points within the themes to create your conversational talking points; and what other people are doing and saying about those same themes. The conversation moves in unexpected ways.

So who is saying what about the promise of longevity? Lynda Gratton – “The Shift: the future of work is already here.”  And check out More later about the generated thoughts for the pinball blogger from this masterful book, (unlike that draft outline of mine); but one of the future forces considered in The Shift is demography and longevity. And from what I extract from The Shift is that longevity is every generation’s  promise to either waste or create.

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