Future Proof Your Career

Let me be a raving fan of “The Shift: the future of work is already here” by Lynda Gratton. http://lyndagrattonfutureofwork.typepad.com/lynda-gratton-future-of-work/2011/06/the-10-ways-to-future-proof-your-career.html

First reference to The Shift is in blog post August 22. For some time I’ve been looking for some new thought leadership on the subject of the future of work, moving things along from William Bridges and Job Shift in 1994 to Charles Grantham 2000 and Thomas Malone 2004 in their books both titled The Future of Work.

Lynda Gratton brings it forward to where we exactly are, at an “inflexion point” as she calls it. What’s engaging about this book is that Gratton both personalizes and postulates fluently while at the same time bringing 2010 into the same frame as an imagined 2025. If there’s nothing else better this book should do, it’s to stimulate conversation on our attitudes and approaches to career that up to now I think are somewhat still stuck in 1990’s thinking. Or worse for some, longer ago.                                                                     

Visit her blog and get the quick top 10 list on how to Future Proof your career. But the overall convergence of future forces and driving shifts will only be appreciated in the reading of the book. Of course my third eye was on the connection to “demography and longevity” and it certainly helped round out my views on the notion that the promise of longevity whatever it is to be, it is not for the sole passage of Boomers, but all generations alive today.

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