Careers and the “Compassionate Economy”.

Like the drive to attract talent to technology careers in the “information age economy”, there is now the drive to attract talent to health care careers in what Theodore Roszazk called the “compassionate economy”. It’s more than a matter of finding work for a retiring Boomer population in volunteer care giving.

Future career opportunities for younger generations seem abundant in the wide ranging health sciences category, from personal care workers to nutritionists and gerontology focused nurses and doctors. And there is also more work available in career options from home retro-fitters to engineers and technologists in medical devices and robotics.

One recruitment challenge will be in attracting competent and willing people to work in the personal care giving field. This is considered by some to be where the entry level, low paying “McJobs” of today and tomorrow are to be found. Instead of flipping burgers, we’re flipping home bound elders from bed to bath. But the work is a lot more variant, complex and demanding beyond what that one task suggests.

As the aging population in countries like Canada increases steadily over the next 20 years – how many more personal care workers are we going to need to attract and retain in a compassionate economy? In talking to those currently hiring for these various front line roles, the big longer term concern is –  what value as a society are we going to place on this a profession and invest more to teach, regulate, supervise and pay better?

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