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Working Longer: Are You Seasonally Adjusted?

Seems fitting this Labour Day week that the subject of aging Boomers exiting the labour force deserves a comment or three. Firstly, it’s important to describe what the definition of the term labour force means. The Statistics Canada version leaves it wide open to a paint by numbers application, at one point stating: “Together the

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Ready for Ageing: Who Isn’t? – 2

Ready for ageing? The House of Lords Report looks at this question with three audiences in mind – us the individual, the markets and governments. In that light naturally, this conversation gets wide sweeping attention, but in the well blocked 18 Annex sections of this UK report, it’s an easy to read practical discussion framework.

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A Population Growing Younger? – Part 4

In this age of narrative collapse that Douglas Rushkoff presents, our frames of reference change when it relates to living and working longer. Perhaps in decades to come, as in centuries long ago, the narrative lines will become less crisp. When did a 17th century  craftsperson start or stop working? Where was their workplace? Was

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