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Stanford Longevity Design Challenge 18/19 – The Finalists!

Finalists for the 6th annual Design Challenge at the Stanford Center on Longevity were announced today – winnowed down to eight from 97 submissions by design teams from 24 countries around the world. Stanford’s tech-based contest is not the only one in the world, however it is the one event of its kind that I

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Understanding Intergenerational Design

Gaining enthusiasm ahead of the announcement any day now, of the finalists in the 6th annual Stanford Longevity Design Challenge 18/19, this is a preliminary look at what the theme for this year is all about. Firstly the title – Contributing at Every Age: Designing for Intergenerational Impact.   Thinking of this, we should take

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Marketing the Longevity Market

Longevity. A society, an economy, a market. Or perhaps several market opportunities within an economy. How does any business, non-profit or other professional group make sense of this, understand the scope, and what makes up the multiple categories in this field? For that matter, how do any of these entities know how to appropriately target,

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