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Aging & Longevity & a Phantasmagorical Landscape of Innovation, Part 1

As a diligent follower of trends in technology developments that are inserting into the global aging narrative, I permit myself to be fascinated, not only because of the potential business opportunities but also because this market area has encouraged creativity and innovation with new inter-generational clusters of researchers, designers and marketers looking for ways to

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Looking for Some Levity in Longevity.

“We are living in a storm, where a hundred contradictory elements collide; debris from the past, scraps from the present, seeds of the future – swirling, combining, separating under the imperious wind of destiny.” Adolphe Retté, La Plume, March 1, 1898 A new year is upon us and the urge to make resolutions and prognostications,

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Silver Economy Rush! Future You Marketing – Award 1.

By no means do I write this lighthearted post to endorse a particular product. But if Change Rangers ever decided to be in the business of giving a Silver Economy marketing award for best fun and memorable ad campaign then where better to start than with the Wealthsimple – four video set. Watching these videos

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