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Arts & Aging Day Canada 2021

While Arts & Aging Day is primarily focused on featuring the selected artistic work of those who live in care homes, retirement communities, seniors or older adult community centres across the country, that should not exclude recognizing the active participation in various areas of the arts by older adults in our communities at large, which

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Technology and Aging 2020: moving to market with MySense

In his December 2019 Canadian Healthcare Technology Magazine article, David Stoller, Managing Director, MySense Canada states: “From the perspective of the aging population, today we are at a cross-roads that requires us to decide if ‘business as usual’ is going to be enough to support the new demographic reality.”…“To support the change, innovators, entrepreneurs and

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Finding an ARTful Later Life.

This is an original post from February 2017 on the website Planet Longevity which will be reconstituted as part of Change Rangers on Jan.1 2019 Often – if you are open to it – messages from the world of the arts, (arts in any form), that arrive seemingly in a singular way can actually deliver

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