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Architects for Urban Aging – 1

Third Age. Basically described as “a period in life of active retirement, following middle age”, this term has occupied Boomer vocabulary for some time, as another way of re-framing our mind set around retirement and old age. Then there’s the whole Tolkien Third Age, Middle-earth time frame to consider. But let’s not get carried away.

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A Population Growing Younger? – Part 4

In this age of narrative collapse that Douglas Rushkoff presents, our frames of reference change when it relates to living and working longer. Perhaps in decades to come, as in centuries long ago, the narrative lines will become less crisp. When did a 17th century  craftsperson start or stop working? Where was their workplace? Was

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A Population Growing Younger? – Part 1

Envision the promise of longevity is the invitation tag line I created when the focus and scope shifted for Change Rangers in 2010 – partly a way to help reframe language and perspective around the potential of an increased life expectancy. For example, retirement planning becomes “longevity planning”. As I often say, if only financial

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