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AGE-WELL 2019 Webinar 2 Report.

How AGE-WELL Technology is Changing Homes of the Future & Promoting Independence for All Technology and aging. How will it support “the rising tide of caregiving for older adults, and in this case in the home environment?” That is how Dr. Alex Mihailidis, Scientific Director at AGE-WELL, set up the opening of last week’s second

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Life on MaRS & The Intersection of Innovation & Aging.

For those of you who ever wondered if there is life on other planets, well you don’t have to wonder or wander that far to find that there really is kind of an innovation on life on Mars…on earth  – in the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto that is. Simply walking about the interior architectural

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MaRS HealthKick: The Intersection of Innovation & Aging

“The age is running mad after innovation; and all the business of the world is to be done in a new way…”   Samuel Johnson 1783 Has innovation ever gone away? Perhaps there are distinct periods of history where it seems to jolt the frontiers of every world of business all at once – where

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