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Ageing & Longevity Resource Digest 2024 – Part 1

At the start of the New Year, as I did last January, here are some updates to the Change Rangers website Resource section featuring this time, new information I gathered from webinars, conferences or recommendations in conversations from colleagues that may have been referenced in previous posts in 2023 – websites, reports, journals and other

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A Housing Agenda for Generations 3: Communities & Connections

In the second Housing That Connects Us webinar on Nov.9th hosted by the Hey Neighbour Collective in Vancouver, featured primarily were two UK innovators -design consultant Natasha Reid,founder of Matter. Space. Soul. – and Paul Quinn from Clarion Housing Group a non-market housing association, about their ongoing initiatives to help create sustainable multi-unit housing development projects, that

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A Housing Agenda for Generations 1: Communities & Connections

Over the last few years, housing – whether it be a shortage or non-existence of, affordability of, or location of, not to mention dislocation of – has become at the forefront, a complex social issue of great concern, if not crisis, for low, middle and high income countries, hitting a crescendo in 2023. While we’re

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