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AGE-WELL & a Canadian Design Challenge.

Since March 2015, here in Canada, we have had our very own technology and aging network AGE-WELL and they have steadily grown their reputation as a dynamic research and innovation centre dedicated to improving the lives of older adults. Following AGE-WELL on a regular basis, now with their announcement last week of their National Impact

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30 Years of Gerontechnology: Origins of an Innovation Journey

Contrary to what present-day quick screen-shot commentaries may suggest, great ideas don’t just pop up suddenly, fully packaged as catchy trends with fancy futuristic names. Great ideas emerge from the curiosity of a questioning observer, who identifies genuine human problems that want for solving, or serves an unmet need in the market. Sometimes the process

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Towards a Decade of Healthy Ageing: IFA 2018 Toronto

As of last week, Change Rangers is a Conference Partner for the 2018 IFA, International Federation on Ageing conference, Aug.8-10 in Toronto. While it may seem some time away, it is never too early to attract professionals from around the world to confer with us at the crest of our summer, to give them a

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