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A Population Growing Younger? – Part 2

Elderly? How does that noun fit in the context of the longevity premise of “A Population Growing Younger”? The sentence on page 5 of July 24th C.D. Howe e-brief suggests: “The forthcoming generation of elderly will be more educated, which may allow for more flexibility therefore lay the ground for double career paths.” And the

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The Business of Working Longer: A Portfolio of Pleasures?

The Business of Aging Information Exchange Network BA:IEN is an extension of the Sheridan College Elder Research Centre, connecting business and industry leaders to foster an exchange of ideas, information and resources related to the needs and wants of mature consumers and there families. As a BA:IEN member I am pleased and honoured to be,

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TAGlab:a Promise Envisioned

Technologies for Aging Gracefully. What a perfect tag line, pun intended. Conversation recently steered me to this wonderful University of Toronto initiative- TAGlab , a collaborative research team that explores ways in which digital media can basically help people “preserve their identity” through their life course, aging gracefully, with full interaction in their community. TAGlab’s

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