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Re-think Ageing Moments-Part 3

Final observations and comments about the National Institute on Ageing (NIA) November 2016 conference – Re-think Ageing. If you were new to the subject of ageing and longevity and attended the conference, it would have been a good thing as it served well as a primer, encompassing multiple facets structured around the four pillars in

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Re-think Ageing Moments-Part 2

Are we generations apart from caring enough? That is one of the big questions I was left hanging with after attending only the first day of the National Institute on Ageing (NIA) November conference – Re-think Ageing. For some time my point has been, that if we are going to truly accomplish a national caring

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Labour Markets & the Value of Caregiver Stats

Labour Day is not quite beyond sight in the rear view mirror, so it struck my mind this weekend, reading a blog post from Sept.7th in the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal, that caregivers are rarely talked about as a part of the “labour market” and unpaid caregivers, well of course not. Yet stats do exist

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