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Brain Mission: Longevity’s Creative Frontier – 1

What a stunning time of discovery we live in, fifteen percent into the 21st century. Surely, that must have sounded a familiar account of the times when Galileo first gazed through his telescope, with a creative blur in his eyes, seeing “one giant leap for mankind” in 1969. How about the lesser-known Angelo Mosso, the

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Longevity: Health Wealth of a Nation -4

Returning to the older aging population where the CIHR’s Institute of Aging is concerned: Is there not a “health wealth” employment investment in a foreseeable tomorrow? Judging by what the demographic numbers suggest there will not only be a growth in care related employment opportunities, but also an augmentation in unpaid caregiving. My preferred reference

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Careers and the “Compassionate Economy”.

Like the drive to attract talent to technology careers in the “information age economy”, there is now the drive to attract talent to health care careers in what Theodore Roszazk called the “compassionate economy”. It’s more than a matter of finding work for a retiring Boomer population in volunteer care giving. Future career opportunities for

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