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Residential Prospects for Homing Pigeon Boomers – 1

You would be an entrepreneur executive with $2 Billion, foresight to look fifteen years out, and you had applied age-friendly marketing as a guide, to develop residential prospects for a reasonably affluent Boomer population looking right now for more choice in innovative urban sanctuaries. You would be Réal Bouclin, President and CEO of Réseau Sélection in

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The Business of Working Longer: A Portfolio of Pleasures?

The Business of Aging Information Exchange Network BA:IEN is an extension of the Sheridan College Elder Research Centre, connecting business and industry leaders to foster an exchange of ideas, information and resources related to the needs and wants of mature consumers and there families. As a BA:IEN member I am pleased and honoured to be,

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Business of Aging,Marketing:Part 2

Excellent! The Sheridan Elder Research Centre (SERC) symposium “Mature Consumer Marketing” on April 18 featured a panel of specialists in marketing and research who addressed the marketing strategies to aging demographics. Some in the audience from small, medium businesses seemed to be looking for “silver bullet” answers. There were none. So picking up on one

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