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Understanding Intergenerational Design

Gaining enthusiasm ahead of the announcement any day now, of the finalists in the 6th annual Stanford Longevity Design Challenge 18/19, this is a preliminary look at what the theme for this year is all about. Firstly the title – Contributing at Every Age: Designing for Intergenerational Impact.   Thinking of this, we should take

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Aging & Longevity, Conference Round Up 2019.

Here is my 2019 – 6th annual January blog post with a short list of selected major conferences or symposiums around the world, under the macro theme of Aging and Longevity. As usual, I try to avoid featuring events that are overtly commercial in nature. I look for ones that present a professional and constructive

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Summer Shorts 34: IFA 2018 Conference Partner Update 6

Towards a Decade of Healthy Ageing, From Evidence to Action Change Rangers is a Conference Partner for the International Federation on Ageing conference IFA 2018 – August 8 -10 Toronto. Only TWO weeks to go! Quick moment for another pre-conference update. As mentioned in my last update, this conference has a very robust agenda of

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