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Retirement Industry Evolution. Postscript to Sept.27

In last week’s post Retirement Industry, in the Middle of an Evolution, I referenced a 2003 Statistics Canada Symposium in Ottawa in which I participated as a panelist in a discussion on later life career decisions and the 50 plus worker’s participation in an aging workforce. A couple of follow up comments are in order,

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Retirement Industry, in the Middle of an Evolution

Watch and listen carefully to the discernible shifts in the substance and tone in discussions about economic issues in an aging society. In some cases it sounds like a doomsday soothsayer’s convention for the end of the world, as we know it; a world where demographic shifts are like earth tremors, begging for structural repair

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Working Models for Working Longer – 1

Canadians will work longer to maintain current lifestyles. Canada will struggle to replace its aging workforce. Aging workforce increases workplace health risks to organizations. That’s just a small sample of headlines lately, and for that matter from my “Longevity Newsreel” for the past several years. Let’s just go with the working longer piece. What does

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