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AgeTech Careers Are EPIC, don’t you know?

Attending three AGE-WELL EPIC conferences on-line since 2020, my level of understanding of Canadian research and development in ageing and technology, or AgeTech (as it is universally called now), has truly deepened. It could be said that AgeTech became epic in 2022 as AGE-WELL, Canada’s technology and aging network established in 2015, spelled out the

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Technology, Aging & Longevity, Events Round Up 2023.

Commonly now called AgeTech, here for a 4th year is my listing of events – conferences, innovation forums and pitch presentations related to technology, aging and longevity. AgeTech, the field where technology intersects with aging and longevity, has diverse purposes and applications related to the health and social well-being of all of us as we

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