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Age-Friendly Communities – a Sheridan College Event.

An Age-Friendly Communities conversation presented by the Sheridan College Centre for Elder Research comes to the Oakville Campus on Nov.29th. Perhaps this is long overdue for a revisit for those in the know about this concept; however, despite what the opening line on the invite suggests I suspect that this could be an opportunity for

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Recoding a Longevity Society: Age Inclusive Communities

The evolution of community is every generation’s project. One of the main themes that has emerged strongly for me, through the nearly seven years of this blog has been what I have categorized up to now – aging and community design. Part of that story here has pivoted around the Age-Friendly Cities movement as proposed

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Global Age Friendly Cities, Ten Years On.

Now ten years on – 2017, we celebrate the introduction of the Global Age Friendly Cities initiative as presented by the World Health Organization (WHO). The question is, what has “age friendly” become – and for that matter how have cities changed since 2007, while world events have shifted behind us like fast flipping stage

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