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Technology, Design & the “Longevity Market”

Technology products that address specific needs of aging demographics are already some part of the mainstream in our economy, in what can be described as the greater “longevity market”. Examples of general needs are categories like home care and aging in place, health care and medical aid. These descriptions and more are inter-related and of

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The Evolution of a Longevity Society -3

Shaping a response to this longevity revolution (or evolution as I’m preferring to see it) is ours to do together. But not just as a crush of older people, but rather as a generational convergence. What are the expectations of an extended life time for someone who is today’s 25 -30 year old when tracked

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Ready for Ageing: Who Isn’t? – 2

Ready for ageing? The House of Lords Report looks at this question with three audiences in mind – us the individual, the markets and governments. In that light naturally, this conversation gets wide sweeping attention, but in the well blocked 18 Annex sections of this UK report, it’s an easy to read practical discussion framework.

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