Blog Writing

Mark Venning on Change Rangers

Heading into a 9th year of weekly blog writing in 2019, the category titles will be changing but these will include commentary on a range of topic areas in longevity, aging and demographic shifts such as:

  • Global trends, statistics, generational connectivity, research, profiles of older lives lived
  • Social policy, financing longevity, pensions, retirement, health & home care
  • Work & later life career, science & technology advances, 50 + marketing, market research
  • Urban planning & home design, age-friendly housing options, aging in place, assisted living
  • Inter-generational communal hubs & support systems, collaborations, mentoring

Mark Venning as Guest Blogger

In addition to the weekly Change Rangers blog, Mark has written for the Planet Longevity blog and is a guest blogger on and the Aging Matters blog at the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research and CERIC’s Contact Point.

The goal for 2019 is to develop selected opportunities as a featured commentator on other blogs or publications, with organizations that have a solid reputation for building conversations with their audiences on subjects that promote recoding a longevity society for the future.