How has your community, your business or non-profit organization adapted its positioning to meet the needs of a “longevity society”?

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Age Inclusive Communities

The World Health Organization (WHO) in 2007 presented its Age-Friendly Cities Guide, now a global movement - an Age-Friendly World. It is primarily about developing strategies to incorporate the life needs of an older population within the community.

In future, if input beyond current older populations is to be encouraged, a more appropriate term is Age Inclusive. The evolution of community is every generation’s project.

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Global Aging Narratives

Aging demographics have varying influences on social structures and business markets around the world. Opportunity or challenge, we face a future where the potential for society, with increased life expectancy, is greater than at any time in human history.

Longevity in this context becomes an inter-generational matter. We all have a vested interest in shaping changes to social policy related to such matters as pension reform, health care, home care & life-long learning.

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Next Decade Enterprisers

Assuming the promise of greater longevity endures and the prospect of working later in life increases, our relationship to work - what we do & how we engage in it - will become constantly regenerative in process and episodic in nature.

Over the next decade, as market needs shift, traditional employment systems will continue to reconstruct; and whatever age we are, this will require the curious, creative and collaborative mind-set of an Enterpriser.

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Stanford Longevity Design – 2017/18 Winners

“Promoting Lifelong Healthy Habits Through Design” That was the theme for this 5th year of the Design Challenge at the Stanford Center on Longevity – and at the April 17th pitch day for the eight finalists, the first place winner was Ride Rite – a computer-integrated bicycle handlebar designed for older adults who have started

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Aging Across the Life Course: Knowledge Exchange 2018

As promised in my annual Aging & Longevity Conference Round Up January 9th, I would keep you up to date with on any new events. So, here is an event that has popped up since then, to take place in Toronto – April 30th & May 1st. Rather than calling it a conference, this is

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Making Sense of Longevity Markets

  Looking forward to speaking at the opening meeting of the Business of Ageing Niagara Network (BANN) on April 25th. BANN is a new 2018 initiative of AGEWORKS™ in conjunction with Niagara College, a membership-based networking group organized to connect businesses, industry leaders and subject matter experts by providing a focused platform for collaboration, professional

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Aging & Longevity, From Media Headlines to Strategy – Part 3

A National Seniors Strategy, keeping watch so far… Tucked under the umbrella of the Ministry of Families, Children and Social Development, which appears within the portfolio of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), there lies the National Seniors Council (NSC). Its stated purpose is to “advise the Government of Canada on matters related to the

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Aging & Longevity, From Media Headlines to Strategy – Part 2

A National Seniors Strategy, how many more calls? You could say that over the last five years, more Canadians have been speaking up, though it might appear to some to be sporadically, (depending on the churning storylines in the media cycle), about the momentous effects of aging demographics on our social policies and systems. After

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