Longevity & Legacy Portraits 2014: Singular Lives Found & Forever.

According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) global average life expectancy statistics, a boy born in 2012 can expect to reach age 68 and a girl 73. This takes into account regional health and socioeconomic variables from low-income to high-income countries.

While I research these kinds of data most of the year, I thought it would be interesting for a change, to close out the year with a look at stories of “singular lives”. Stories of well-known and not so well known people who had better odds on the promise of longevity and in some way left a legacy tale.

For some, one might say that living to see grandchildren and great grandchildren is their version of leaving a legacy. An owner of a family run business might say that they built their business to pass it on to their children is their legacy.

However, being childless or even having children may not be how you see leaving a legacy. Artists create. Scientists discover. Philosophers argue for reform. Often unwittingly, everyday people do great things that later are recognized and this is where longevity makes its wider cast.

Longevity and Legacy. A portrait collection of narratives from yesterday, today and tomorrow. No doubt, you have your own stories of singular lives, those you know and those you have read. For curiosity’s sake, over the last four weeks of 2014 I’ll look at some singular lives that have popped out at me over the last year, beginning Dec.9 with The Criminal Pen.

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