IFA 2021 Conference Partner Update 7 – Only Four Weeks To Go!

Four weeks to go now for the International Federation on Ageing 15th Global Conference on Ageing,  November 9-12. As with the 14th conference in 2018, Change Rangers is once again a Conference Partner. This year for a number of reasons I have elected to attend the IFA 2021 with the Virtual Experience as I’m sure a significant number of attendees will also. In this update I draw attention to two feature presentations at the conference.

First up on November 9 is The Vaccines4Life Summit -a full day pre-conference event which I think has become arguably the most significant topic of the last year and one that will be a large and developing education for us all as we learn more about the role of vaccines in public health policy in the Decade of Healthy Ageing.

As the IFA introduction to this summit says:“While there is a solid understanding of the current global policy environment regarding the health, and social and economic benefits of vaccines there are serious inequities within and across countries related to optimal use of vaccines throughout each stage of life.

On the conference website summary page for this event there is a download of the full Vaccine program schedule available and a set of wonderful short list of links called Vaccine Safety for Older Adults | 60 Second Fact Check Videos. This is added value for those who are out on a limb trying to understand their way through any misinformation out there.

Second, of course everyone wants to know who the key-note speakers are going to be. So in order, here we go.

Nov.10 – Alana Officer – Unit Head, Demographic Change and Healthy Ageing, Department of Social Determinants of Health, World Health Organization (WHO)

Nov.11Michael Tamblyn – CEO, Rakuten Kobo

Nov.12Spencer West – Visionary, World Change Warrior/Activist

And finally the full Daily Conference Program is up on the website which means the fun begins, selecting which breakout sessions to attend, and as with the 2018 conference you will not be spoiled for choice!

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