The Art of Ageing Forum: Making Sense of a Longevity Economy

The Art of Ageing Forum June 26 & 27, 2019 is only three weeks away. Produced by my friends and colleagues at AGE WORKS, hosted by Niagara College, the forum presents a varied assembly of thought leaders, organizations, and individuals who are striving to make a difference in terms of reducing ageist attitudes and reshaping what it means to age.

There are three main target audiences for this event – business owners, academics and mindful consumers, each with their own perspectives on ageing and longevity issues. Subject matter, one could take as stand-alone topics of interest, but with a big picture view topics are inter-related and would appeal to anyone with a personal and/or professional interest.

Business owners can hear and discuss how global and local population trends and longevity issues might impact their business immediately and in the future, and get an inside track on behavioural shifts and emotional triggers affecting their clients’ buying decisions as they age.

As to the academics and mindful consumers who are curious about trends and aspects of positive ageing, the Forum provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in engaging presentations that will invoke new thoughts and motivations about ageing positively beyond just eating well and exercising.

For my part in my Day-Two presentation – Making Sense of a Longevity Economy,my intent is to broaden the understanding of the many market segments that comprise this large and growing economy that targets the spending power of a generally 50-plus older adult demographic which in itself is not a homogeneous group.

Not only that, I will show that a Longevity Economy is not simply as often described, a direct consumer facing range of products and services that we might typically identify. There are multiple economic, research and social policy endeavours in various professional areas, including product development, where millions of dollars are being invested in the future for a longevity society that goes beyond the current Boomer demographic.

Swiftly, for instance, by the sheer magnitude of the older adult population, we are becoming demographic data gold as technology further augments the ageing consumer experience in the years to come. With this in mind and more, my presentation will also underscore that in all of this there is more than one point of access for business people and new career seekers to leverage their opportunity in the evolution of this Longevity Economy.

For further reading on The Art of Ageing Forum, check out his news item by Waverly Neufeld, Special to Niagara Now Lake Report

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