The Art of Ageing Forum: Visit Niagara in June!

Perhaps it is symbolic that the Niagara Region in Ontario is the perfect place for a forum on The Art of Ageing- especially in summer, when it’s warm and in full bloom, even the wine ages well. Known for many things from the world famous Niagara Falls, the theatre season with the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the Lake, and . . . all those Niagara wineries.  

Now you know with all that, there is no excuse not to also attend The Art of Ageing Forum on June 26 & 27, 2019, produced by my friends and colleagues at AGE WORKS, hosted by Niagara College. The forum presents a varied assembly of thought leaders, organizations, and individuals who are striving to make a difference in terms of reducing ageist attitudes and reshaping what it means to age. Each of the 12 intriguing presentations will contain information and facts that will enlighten professionals, academics and inquiring consumers alike.

If you are a business professional, targeting an older adult market and you want to understand its size and scope better, or if you are an individual in an academic pursuit, looking at new career opportunities that service this diverse demographic, then my presentation on June 27thMaking Sense of a Longevity Economy will help you.

Together we will explore market segments in a Longevity Economy for a business or a new career seeker, while at the same time inform you as a consumer about the many markets with products and services, direct or indirect consumer facing that make up a Longevity Economy.

In essence, this economy includes all economic activities related to the needs of older adults generally 50-plus. Today in its evolution, this economy now includes Gen-X and by 2030, the first Millennials who will be turning 50. Can you imagine how marketing to a 50-plus consumer might change? You won’t want to miss the boat.

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  1. Marlene O'Hara Reply

    You’ve certainly piqued my interest in attending! This sounds like two days of information that l, as a Realtor specializing in helping Seniors, will find most helpful in my “niche” market.
    Thank you!

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