Summer Shorts 39: On Deep Aging. Deep Time. Deep Space

Maybe the deep heat of deep summer is getting to me. Bouncing off a EurekAlert news release from three weeks ago, Deep Aging Clocks: the emergence of AI-based biomarkers of aging and longevity, I whimsically thought about the time and timing of our existence in relation to two other concept interests of mine – deep time and deep space. Then I recalled a similar out there mind trip while wired up for two EEG tests seven years ago. Eyes closed. Gone deep. Wonderful.

Back to the press release. In this, Insilico Medicine an artificial intelligence company brings us up to speed with the innovative work they are doing in AI solutions for drug discovery and aging research. Here there are two kinds of age, chronological and biological age.

So it goes, “Biological age is the superior measure of true age and is the most biologically relevant feature, as it closely correlates with mortality and health status.”

Deep learning techniques, a subset of all that AI, machine learning world, are used as predictors of chronological and biological age in the field of aging research. Let Insilico’s paper Deep Aging Clocks take you deeper, for the revealing piece of the story is how huge this biotechnology industry is as a part of the emergent longevity economy.

Noteworthy in the business model extoled by Insilico, but one of many AI ventures, is that they have international R&D and management capacity, “sourced through hackathons and competitions.” Following this hackathon trend and having participated in some pitch competitions, I am entertained by how this should totally replace the value of traditional job fairs. In light of this, why does Insilica ask for CV’s on their Careers page, when they could just hack you in any time?

Now if you need to be convinced, that the future of AI is more than fast upon us, and collaborative cross-sectoral business partnerships are the money making way to go, visit the Insilico Website for one of the best big Broadway-like productions ever web-crafted, with Pipeline Charts, Partnership Credits, YouTube Channel and more.

Biologically our deep aging clocks are ticking along, and it is in our best interest to remember also that we are all body clocks with multiple data points and then follow the money trail in the longevity economy as AI pumps the fortunes in businesses in such areas as pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

And then for a superior measure of your true age and to train your longevity brain – check in at Young.AI while I travel in deep time and deep space. Balmy breeze. Riesling deep. Spectacular.

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