Pepsi Generation Arrives in a Longevity Economy.

Researching to make timely revisions for my Making Sense of a Longevity Economy presentation, for some reason beyond the norm, the stream of variant news items coming my way is at the point overflow. As the years slip into the third decade of this century, I suspect this means that this volume of simultaneous trends, events and investments is further proof that aging and longevity themed markets are gaining relevance in the overall economy.

I arrested myself last week in this round of the making sense research, as I couldn’t help but muse over an interesting strategic business career move happening in this effervescent moment of opportunity in the longevity economy.

While direct consumer purchasing activities of an older demographic are identified as a growing opportunity, on a research and development level, there are knowledge leaders in industries innovating in this economy, technology and life sciences being two that stand out.

So the news. What then does an endocrinologist, who bounded about in the land of the consumer food and beverage industry, do with his knowledge and insight as his next career move? Become a CEO of a bioscience start-up and help the Pepsi Generation live forever, of course.


No fooling. On April 1st 2019, Mehmood Khan, former PepsiCo vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer becomes CEO of Life Biosciences based in Boston.

This seems like a natural progression for Dr. Khan who while at PepsiCo, as this March 4th press release says, “oversaw PepsiCo’s global sustainability initiatives…challenged to create breakthrough innovations…including helping to drive growth for its nutritious offerings across the portfolio.”

Nutritious is good for longevity.

In a Bloomberg News report, Kahn also says of Life Biosciences “What makes us different is we are looking at all aspects of the known pathways of aging…. Nothing is off the table.”

Does that include Pepsi?

Well, while that well-known beverage will surely not carry over with Dr. Khan into research at Life Biosciences, there was one news story that caught my eye out of the UK last October in The Sun that may be a nutritious longevity testimony of sorts. Jackie Page, 77, has drunk nothing but Pepsi for 64 years since she was 13.

She’s made her case, or several of them.

“She says she wouldn’t go near a glass of water even if she was dying of thirst and downs a can of the fizzy pop every morning and can guzzle up to four a day.”

The Pepsi Generation has survived and arrived in a Longevity Economy.


Anyway, on the road back to the revisions for my Making Sense of a Longevity Economy presentation, let me declare that I have always made quaffing wine my case for one of nature’s pleasures on the known pathways of aging.

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