Aging & Longevity, Conference Round Up 2019.

Here is my 2019 – 6th annual January blog post with a short list of selected major conferences or symposiums around the world, under the macro theme of Aging and Longevity. As usual, I try to avoid featuring events that are overtly commercial in nature. I look for ones that present a professional and constructive dialogue and in addition bring an international scope to the conversation.

As in previous years, there will be pop-up events that will not have made this opening list, and I will catch those as and when they appear. Naturally, there will be some conferences or one off presentations of merit that readers of this blog will notice I’ve missed, and if that’s the case, let me know. This short list also does not include the hundreds of other events that cover niche medical and health related topics.

Last year in August, Change Rangers was a Conference Partner for International Federation on Ageing 14th Global Conference in Toronto and I must say again how enriching an experience it was to attend and meet people from around the world who work in this diverse field of aging and longevity. If you are new to the field or are exploring it as a career option then it is worth the investment to choose one of these events, to learn and build networks for your success and professional development.

American Society on Aging: Aging in America Conference

Apr.14-18                    New Orleans, USA

Once again, what a wonderful slick flip-thru 48-page program that features a comprehensive range of subject matter for professionals working in the multi-disciplinary field of aging. The five-day extravaganza, (obviously planned further ahead than many conferences are), also has tagged on to it on the final day, the 16th annual What’s Next Boomer Business Summit.





Asian Conference on Aging & Gerontology – A-Gen 2019:

Independence and interdependence

May 20-22       Tokyo, Japan

Produced by the International Academic Forum (iafor), this year’s event takes the reflective concepts of the conference theme as its lens, exploring questions and issues surrounding the independence and interdependence of individuals within society, and from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, from sociological studies to those in politics and policy. A draft version of the conference program is available by April 22, 2019.

British Society of Gerontology Conference

Resilience and Living Well in Local Communities

July 4-6                       Liverpool, England

You only have until Jan.24th if you want to submit an abstract for a presentation this summer at this 48th annual conference. The theme this year builds on the 2018 conference theme: ageing in an unequal world, focusing in on local communities.

Aging & Social Change Conference

Special Focus: Aging in Times of New Nationalisms: Inequalities, Participation, and Policies

Sept.16-17                  Vienna, Austria

From the Aging & Social Change Research Network (an organizational name change since last year still under its old website Aging & Society), this is its 9th Interdisciplinary conference with an international call for proposals still open. This offers a rich, wide range of research-based topics under four focused themes the network bases its research publications and events.





Global Ageing Conference: “This is Long Term Care”

Sept.17-19                  Toronto, Canada

This biennial conference of the Global Ageing Network, hosted in partnership with Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) supports the organization’s obvious topic of focus, however at this point the detailed program agenda does not yet appear on the website. The 2017 conference in Montreux, Switzerland connected over a thousand aged care professionals from more than 20 countries around the world.

Canadian Association on Gerontology Conference:

“Navigating the Tides of Aging Together.” 

Oct.18-20                    Moncton, Canada

The 48th annual scientific and educational meeting. Still early days as with last year, call for abstracts starts this month, as their main website says, the CAG and its conference is not only for researchers, academics and professionals working directly in the field of gerontology but also anyone interested in the field from students to older adult individuals.

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