Summer Shorts 35: IFA 2018 Conference Partner – Final Update 7

Towards a Decade of Healthy Ageing, From Evidence to Action

Change Rangers is a Conference Partner for the International Federation on Ageing conference IFA 2018 – August 8 -10 in Toronto.

Yes – ONE week to go! Quick moment for a final pre-conference update. Here is a little more background on one of the sessions I am attending that I mentioned in a previous update.

Capturing the Longevity Dividend in an Aging World. Perspectives from four countries Germany, South Korea, the USA and the UK.

In a wander through the maze of on-line material, I found the original abstract submission for this symposium. In brief, this Longevity Dividend session will share examples of programs from these countries, which were designed to encourage older adult engagement that will ideally pay long-term dividends for future generations. New insights and growing experience are defining a new post-midlife period of health, activity and often a desire to leave a legacy.

One of the organizations represented will be the UK based Nesta, a global innovation foundation. In 2012, I heard CEO Geoff Mulgan with his excellent presentation at the MaRS Business of Aging Summit on the subject – Aging in the UK Workplace. Six years on, Carrie Deacon, Head of Social Action Innovation at Nesta will be here. She works on a number of projects including as her bio states, “testing models harnessing the time and talents of people aged 50+ in new ways.”

Also on this Longevity Dividend symposium will be the US based Encore, The Körber Foundation from Germany and from South Korea, The Seoul50Plus Foundation. Pulling together conferences as a former president of an international professional association, I have always appreciated the global comparative studies of a subject and this is why the IFA 2018 is to be congratulated for orchestrating this wide-ranging program on aging and longevity issues.

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