Summer Shorts 34: IFA 2018 Conference Partner Update 6

Towards a Decade of Healthy Ageing, From Evidence to Action

Change Rangers is a Conference Partner for the International Federation on Ageing conference IFA 2018 – August 8 -10 Toronto.

Only TWO weeks to go! Quick moment for another pre-conference update. As mentioned in my last update, this conference has a very robust agenda of breakout, keynote and plenary sessions and as a result, perhaps as a function of so much on the program, the 3-day event will be taking place in two locations.

The Ryerson University Theatre is where all the keynote and plenary sessions will take place, while all the concurrent sessions will be at both Ryerson and the Chelsea Hotel nearby on Gerrard Street. If you cross Yonge Street from the hotel to Ryerson, the walk between the two locations, while short, will have to be brisk in order to settle into your chosen session on time. Maybe that is what constitutes, as referred to in the program, the “health break”. I wonder if crossing guards will help manage the flow of delegates cross the very busy traffic on Yonge Street?

That fun aside, thanks to the full preliminary conference program, with its timed daily schedule published on the IFA 2018 website a few weeks ago, I have made my choices for Workshops, Symposiums and Paper Sessions. So I’m now in flow with the traffic.

In particular, I look forward to the plenary session on Day-1 moderated by Dr. Alexandre Kalache, titled Switching Gears in Brain Health. This top-notch armchair conversation includes:

Dr. Alison Sekular Vice-President, Research & Sandra A. Rotman Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience and Managing Director, Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Health Sciences

Prof. Michael Valenzuela Associate Professor, University of Sydney

Dr. Islene Araujo De Carvalho Senior Policy and Strategy Adviser, Department of Ageing and Life Course, World Health Organization


Yet just as importantly, I am looking forward to meeting a diverse group of professionals from the seventy countries around the world who will be attending, to get a global view of how the realities of aging and longevity are seen and addressed – differently or the same as in Canada. Who is leading the way and who is making a real difference with social and health policies and programs for people in need right now as well as in the near and long term future?

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