Marketing the Longevity Market

Longevity. A society, an economy, a market. Or perhaps several market opportunities within an economy. How does any business, non-profit or other professional group make sense of this, understand the scope, and what makes up the multiple categories in this field? For that matter, how do any of these entities know how to appropriately target, position or promote their policy, product or service to the various segments of older adult populations?

In his November 2017 book, The Longevity Economy, Dr. Joseph Coughlin of MIT’s Age Lab described this in his subtitle as – the World’s Fastest-Growing, Most Misunderstood Market.

Sticking with businesses, certain sectors like financial services, health & home care, and property developers for older adult living, may already be in the game and poised for future growth of longevity markets. Yet there are still so many who don’t see it, or who are, (even if they are somewhat educated about it), unwilling or unprepared to invest time and money into customer research and marketing; creating a narrative that connects their offering within the longevity market.

So how do you help businesses find a place in this “most misunderstood market”?

Well if you are Joseph Coughlin, you write a book. In the USA, with its huge longevity economy, if you are AARP, you sponsor and collaborate with every business or professional organization that makes sense and that includes global reach too. For example, AARP is a sponsor for the International Federation on Ageing conference IFA 2018 – August 8 -10 in Toronto.


Now – enter Stria. Since March 2018 it would appear, Stria is (as they say in their first Tweet introduction @StriaNews), “a new trade media platform for the longevity market. We deliver information, experiences and content that inspire cross-sector solutions for our aging society.” But Stria is more than that. Their services include strategic consulting and branded content for clients as well planning events for professionals in the longevity market.

Stria’s website is worth a look. With an annual subscription to their news feed content, (at under $100 a year), it is well within the budget of any business who wants to better understand this market and for any longevity market professionals who want to keep up with the wide ranging trends, topics and insights that are shaping the future longevity society we will live in.

Even with my first run through, it was worth getting the teaser article – Longevity Market Product Design: The Stanford Challenge and Beyond. There the link to the newly announced 6th annual Design Challenge 2018-19 – Contributing at Every Age: Designing for Intergenerational Impact.”

Extra Stria bonus “Rethinking Intergenerational Design.” Sign me up.

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