IFA 2018 – Conference Partner Update 3

Towards a Decade of Healthy Ageing, From Evidence to Action

Change Rangers is a Conference Partner for the International Federation on Ageing conference IFA 2018 – August 8 -10 in Toronto.

With just over twelve weeks to go, the list of breakout sessions and speakers is now on the conference website. Apart from the keynote speakers, there is quite an outstanding lineup of presenters in two categories – Workshops and Symposiums.


Under these, there is a wide range of topics under four themes, covering specific detailed aspects related to aging and the future of a longevity society, which will touch all generations over the decade to come:

Addressing Inequalities

Age-Friendly Environments

Combating Ageism

Toward Healthy Ageing

 Looks like as an attendee I will be, (considering subset topics offered in each theme are quite plentiful and varied) – spoilt for choice, which of course is the case in most traditional large conference designs. So for example, after my first scan of symposiums in each of the four key themes, I zeroed in on these in particular, with a focus on learning from speakers who come from outside Canada. After all this is an international conference with people from over seventy-five countries attending.

Older Women Living Alone. With three presenters from the Bolton Clarke Research Institute in Australia, this symposium presents the findings of a multi-component, mixed-methods study that uses co-creation to fill this gap in proven strategies for Australian women aged 55 or older who are living alone. The aim of this research is to optimize the wellbeing of older women, focusing on the social, economic and health disadvantages facing this group.

Age-Friendly Communities: Addressing the Housing Domain. This features five presenters from South Korea and the USA and will include discussions on housing modification projects in addressing age friendly priority areas, analysis on the needs of low-income older renters living in subsidized housing and barriers related to the housing domain based on older adults’ own assessments in provincial wide age friendly projects in Jeju, South Korea.

Age Discrimination in Health & Care. This symposium featuring presenters from HelpAge International will highlight some major challenges and solutions in the achievement of health and wellbeing for older people in low and middle-income countries.

 Capturing the Longevity Dividend in an Ageing World. Four countries, the USA, Germany, South Korea and the UK will share how insights and growing experience are defining a new post-midlife period of health…. Given the large numbers of people in this age group, we have short-term opportunities to benefit from engaging them; with today’s children living even longer, the programs we launch today will pay long-term dividends for future generations.

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