Aging & Longevity, Conference Round Up 2018.

For the 5th year now, it has become an annual January tradition to lead off with a short list of selected major conferences or symposiums around the world, under the macro theme of Aging and Longevity. As usual, I try to avoid featuring events that are overtly commercial in nature. I look for ones that present a professional and constructive dialogue and in addition bring an international scope to the conversation.

As in previous years, there will be pop-up events that don’t make this opening list, and I will mention those as and when they appear. Naturally, there will be some conferences or one off presentations of merit that readers of this blog will notice I’ve missed, and if that’s the case, let me know. This short list also does not include the hundreds of other events that cover niche medical and health related topics related to healthy aging and longevity.

Here’s the call to confer!



First, though not until August 2018, is the International Federation on Ageing: 14th Global Conference taking place next to my doorstep in Toronto, August 8 -10. I am pleased to say that as Change Rangers is a Conference Partner I will be attending this event.

Towards a Decade of Healthy Ageing, From Evidence to Action

With this comes four major theme areas – Addressing Inequalities, Age-Friendly Environments, Combating Ageism and Toward Healthy Ageing. Over 500 abstracts have now been received, however the call for targeted abstracts is open until March 1st.

In addition, on August 7th there are seven pre-conference Master Classes. This is an extraordinary opportunity for delegates to learn and engage with experts in these specialized workshops, which focus on some of the key challenges in the field of ageing today.

For those Canadians in the audience who know her well, it was announced last week that, former mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion will be part of a keynote session on August 9th. Hazel, who could be considered as a poster child for active aging and longevity is still keeping busy at the soon to be age of 97 on Valentine’s Day.

Most of all, I look forward to learning as much as I can from the breadth and depth of topics, which will no doubt be of the same caliber as those topics presented at the other international conferences on the list below.


American Society on Aging: Aging in America Conference

March 26-29, 2018 – San Francisco, USA

Flip through their full wonderfully packaged 48-page program once again featuring an extensive range of subject matter for professionals working in the multi-disciplinary field of aging. While this is an American-centric, the general theme areas such as Diversity & Cultures of Aging, Elder Mistreatment & Elder Justice and Age Friendly Liveable Communities are covered in conferences held everywhere in the world.

British Society of Gerontology Conference

Ageing in an Unequal World: Shaping Environments for the 21st Century

July 4-6, 2018 – Manchester, England

Two weeks to go, Jan.24th if you want to submit an abstract for a presentation. Very appealing title, as it is true that the aging and longevity experience is not equal region by region around the world. The BSG conference covers the waterfront on its general themes, which leaves lots of room to gather insights on a number of global issues on aging, plotted against the significant layers of social issues like war, mass migration and income inequality.

Aging & Society Conference

Sept.18 & 19 – Tokyo, Japan

Special Focus: Aging, Health, Well-being and Care in a Time of Extreme Demographic Change

8th Interdisciplinary conference with an international calls for proposals still open. As with the British Society of Gerontology conference, this offers a rich, wide range of research based topics under four focused themes, which seem to be rising simultaneously on an international level.

Canadian Association on Gerontology Conference

Making It Matter: Mobilizing Aging Research, Practice & Policy

October 18-20 – Vancouver, Canada

47th annual scientific and educational meeting. Still early days as with last year, call for abstracts starts January 2018, as their main website says, the CAG and its conference is not only for researchers, academics and professionals working directly in the field of gerontology but also anyone interested in the field from students to older adult individuals.

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