AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge. 4 Days to Go – my Vote is in!


Only four days left to August 17th, to cast your vote for the AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge, a contest to encourage new and unique technology-based solutions that can benefit the lives of older Canadians and their caregivers. There are about 60 entries on the AGE-WELL website with short video pitches to watch. You can comment and vote right on the spot. This I have now done and my vote is in!

The judging process begins next week and as of yesterday’s email update from AGE-WELL there have been over 15,000 public votes cast. Eight finalists will be invited to participate in the competition finale at the AGE-WELL 2018 Annual Conference in Vancouver, October 16-18, 2018, which is connected at the same time to the 47th annual Canadian Association on Gerontology Conference in Vancouver.

Interestingly, while a number of the many entries were mobile App based, the ones that were modest low tech, non-App had an appeal that addressed a practical, immediate use, and in a few cases were already either on the market or close to “go to market” stage. Some are in the early development phase and deserve a leg up with a contest win.

If I had to winnow it down to the top eight finalists, here in random order would be my choices with links to each one.


Non-invasive eye scanner for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease pathology years before symptoms occur 


Mobile App to aid communication between people with communication disorders following a stroke or dementia, and their caregivers or family members.

Wearable Mechatronic Devices for Life Long Mobility

Currently in development at WearMe Laboratory at the Department of Elecrical & Computer Engineering at Western University in London Ontario

Marlena Books

Dementia-friendly books, which can be read independently or with friends, family, or support partners. Books include beautiful, abstract artwork prepared by individuals living with dementia.


Mobile app for older adults with knee replacement that provides rehabilitation exercises, prompts and tracking of individual progress for better post-op recovery.

The Care Cart

A low tech everything in one place cart for use in home to help individuals and caregivers reduce their running around to access items and help reduce the risk of falls.


Mobile health technology, a Preoperative Risk Communication Tool in development at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute empower patients. The app supports shared decision-making, and improved patient knowledge and experience.

Posture Shirt

One of the wearable technology items by Adrenalease, to help posture performance for people at any age.


#AWImpact Voting Footnotes

In immediate response to my comment on the voting site about the fact that their web site visuals doesn’t show any older adults, Adrenalease said we are actually doing a photoshoot to include older adults on our website.” (I’ll be watching.)

Ron, one of The Care Cart team responded to my general comment of support said:

Although the Care Cart is a low tech solution, it is meant to be a central hub for other high tech innovations to be added on such as lighting, sensors, tablet for communication, access to water, and other tools for care. We are interested in a Modular strategy of allowing the users to be flexible and customize the Care Cart with tools and technologies that will work for them all in one central and mobile location. As for robotics, I’m a fan of remote care and I used tools to care from a distance so that not just myself, but our other team of carers around the world can remotely assist us. That’s part of the vision in bringing in robotics in one of our models in the future.”

Responding quickly to my suggestion that Curovate look at a similar or companion App for those with hip replacement:

“we have chosen to focus on total knee replacements first due to the higher incidence in Canada and globally. Our plan, is exactly as you suggested, to develop an app for total hip replacement rehabilitation following the total knee app”

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