Summer Shorts 28: On Anthropology & Aging – Study On!

Some full conference packages beg for a parsing out, worthy of looking at the separate threads that shape the bigger story. And that appears to me at least, to be the case with the recent event in Oxford, England – the 10th Biennial Conference of the Association for Anthropology, Gerontology & the Life Course (AAGE) under the theme “Culture, Commitment & Care across the Life Course”.

As first mentioned in my May 30th post, the diverse panel sessions were composed of 15-minute rapid-fire presentations, which seemed almost too much to digest. This gave me more reason to follow up and see if there were any tweets or blog posts that might help parse out the rich content as presented in the AAGE 2017 program.

Jason Danely, President – AAGE

About the only reliable summary I could find was the post from the AAGE President, Jason Danely. Even Danely admits that he “can’t possibly summarize” all the snappy presentations from the 16 panels over 2 jam packed days. Still, if you look at all the topic titles you will likely be encouraged to dig deeper independently, even reaching out to the presenters to ask for more.

An immersion into study of the life course model became a natural fit or logical extension for me, given my work in the career development field as it has progressed into the wider narrative on global aging and demographic shifts, and the notion of re-coding a longevity society. This re-coding includes an absolute inclusion of inter-generational connectivity. A significant focus of the AAGE conference certainly addressed that.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to Oxford for this event, but even if I could, given that I am not an academic (anthropologist, sociologist or other specialized scientist) or an AAGE member, I might not have qualified to attend. However, I will continue to follow this organization more closely as there is a fuller cultural perspective to gain here, as we need to enrich our thinking on re-coding a longevity society that goes well beyond seeing life through only a North American lens.

So, Dr. Danely, when are you bringing your show to Canada? Meanwhile, thanks for the open window to view all these topics. I shall study on!

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