Summer Shorts 27: Robotics, Active Aging & a Date with Destiny

Now I only just discovered that thanks to me, Toyota has kept their market share; and with their marketing foresight, they knew both of us would be on a date with destiny in my later life. It all started with that purchase of my very first car, a blue 2-door Toyota Corolla. Little did I know when I rambled around in that thing, that several decades later, after driving various makes and models in between that I’d wind up twice more with the same model, all be it as a graduate to a 4-door.

Forget the cars – this is really our date. The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) has just kicked in $14Million to Intuition Robotics, maker of ElliQ “an active aging companion that keeps older adults active and engaged.” I thought that was what my Corolla was doing for me. Yeah, sure. Yet ElliQ – “the gizmo that gets you.” is another major example of product development in the longevity economy, technologies for aging in place category.

As I’ve said in previous posts, if you want to know where the future of the market (and careers) in a longevity economy is going, just follow the money. Robotics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence is making its way into many market areas besides this one, and while it is all very exciting there will be still some time gap between the development phase and accessible and affordable retailing for some items; that’s if some of these products actually become as prolific as an IPhone.

However, in this case, like with my early Corolla, TRI must have the intuition that ElliQ has traction. Toyota’s interest – money and support – is practical, as they are helping to replace some of the motors in the product prototype. If you are an older adult US resident, you can join in too as part of the ElliQ “exclusive testing community” as they work on the prototype.

Check out the ElliQ YouTube video and learn, not to mention the stark realities presented, all about how your date with destiny and active aging might look, thanks to the promise of robotics.


Talk to me softly ElliQ.

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