Summer Shorts 23 – A Story of Longevity, Chunky Old Trees.

With summer in hot thrust, the trees are full green. I grew up by a wood where in summer, tall trees swayed all day and night; and I always wondered what a story they could tell through the hissing of their summer leaves. Someone recently asked me for what symbol of longevity she could use for graphics in the promo write up for a presentation I was soon to deliver. My immediate response was “chunky old trees”.

Early childhood impressions sustain in memory…

“It is summer. It is always summer. It is hot.

In my mind, the trees are in endless sway.

There are whispers in this sway.”

Here I am today and now I think, “what a story of longevity a chunky old tree could tell.”

Amazing to think how many trees have a greater life expectancy than humans do. Do you remember learning about counting the rings of a tree to tell its age? Yet the mystery of the tree’s longevity is not found simply in counting the rings; it is often hidden, resting in their silence, as they solid stand, or in the sounds of their creaking limbs.


In one of my summer reads, The Tree Climbers Guide by Jack Cooke, (a new book recently received from the UK), not only do you get a unique tour through London; you also get messages about the story of longevity that a tree can tell us. How often do we step back, get lost and make wonder, metaphorically climb our own tree?

One of the countless observations, here in this book, for our own personal life reflection, is an immediate one – how did a tree, like us, take its shape over many years – the curious directions that the branches found on their way to the sky?

What story does your chunky old tree tell?

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