Summer Shorts 22 – Toronto. A Global Centre for Ageing & Longevity?

If you can’t do it, what’s the next best thing to attending a conference half way around the world from Toronto? Why a video clip of course! The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) held its 13th global conference in Brisbane Australia this June 2016, and one of the nice things they did last week was send out a Tweet linking some follow up media highlights to share. As closely as I track the follow up to many international events, I find a number of organizations aren’t as smart.

This clip features Professor Sarah Harper, Director of the Oxford University Institute of Population Ageing. It’s worth the under 8 minutes to get a concise version of some of the insights this organization gives with a global perspective.

Now, as it turns out the next best thing to a follow up video clip and a failed trip to Australia this year is the news that the 14th International Federation on Ageing conference will be held in Toronto – August 8-10, 2018.

IFA Conference 2018





Perhaps this is no coincidence. The IFA headquarters is based in Toronto and as it happens, the IFA is a founding partner of the new National Institute on Ageing (NIA) in Toronto’s Ryerson University – AND likely as a warm up for 2018, the NIA holds its first conference On Nov.24-25, 2016 in Toronto.

So does that now make Toronto a global centre for promoting the future discussion on ageing and longevity?            

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