Summer Shorts 20 – Do Futurists Live Longer?

Starting another hot summer with the 5th season of “Summer Shorts” – snappy blog musings, stories, info-bytes or fly on the wall observations on the subject of longevity and matters related to the 21st century shift in aging demographics.


Last week Mr. Future Shock, Alvin Toffler died at age 87. Future Shock was a phenomenal best seller back in 1970 and as I recall, it was the book that got me fascinated with futurism, and shortly after for some reason my imagination took me to surrealist art and mind suspending jazz, which in turn became my backdrop for futurism.

future Shock







Reflecting on where we are now, 46 years later, living the Future Shock, maybe it is time for a second reading.

My second major encounter with futurist writers came in 1996, with the book The Last Book You’ll Ever Read by Canadian futurist Frank Ogden. Also known as Dr. Tomorrow, Ogden passed away in 2012 at age 92.

This got me thinking, maybe there is something in this that makes for greater odds at longevity – this adventure with curiosity in thinking the possibilities of the future.

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